About Invyte.

Invyte was founded in 2007. As with most business start-ups, it was a blinding flash of opportunism stoked by a real business need that led to our launch. At this time, Managing Partner, Natasha Cruse, was working at an event with over 2,500 guests.

She experienced the pain working off spreadsheets, the queues building at check in, the constant changing of guest numbers and a badge process that was harder than it needed to be. She couldn’t understand why the company’s substantial events team found guest management so difficult. She swore to herself – and to her boss – that she could do it better. And she did. Natasha started investing. Technology was key to creating a foolproof, unique product and with the support of Ricardo, her Tech Developer who still leads the team today, Invyte created The Event Space™.

Arguably one of the best pieces of events software and guest management systems on the market today, The Event Space™ is easy to use, excellent value for money, fully responsive and can be tailored for any event, any client and any number of guests.

Time and again our clients tell us that the hardest part of the guest journey is managing the guest list. The good news is that with our incredible team of account managers, commitment to a personalised, concierge-style service, years of events experience and the best-in-market software, we can take care of everything for you. Talk to us today.

Why Invyte?

Meet the core team.

Natasha Cruse
Founder and Managing Partner
John Woollaston
Managing Partner
Ric Griffin
Technical Lead developer
Jo Reader
Account and Social Media Manager
Laura Wakefield
Event Co-ordinator
Audren Maugers
Event On-site Co-ordinator
Caroline Garrett
Account Manager